Transport & Warehousing

AGV Systems

A single system to move and store your goods

Our Automated Guided Vehicles, fully designed in-house, are one of the most flexible solutions for the complete automation of internal transport and warehousing. Entire logistics processes can be automated by the use of this technology from picking up goods at the end of the production lines to unloading at their respective docks or storage locations, either on racks or on the floor. Pallets can also be retrieved from the warehouse and delivered either to a picking area, from where prepared pallets can be collected, or directly to the shipping area. Automatic truck loading adds another dimension to the possibilities offered by this solution.

Our AGVs are also suited to specific customer applications including particular situations such as those found in clean room environments, outdoor applications or deep freeze warehousing. Our own portfolio includes an extensive line, ranging from the standard single pallet forklift truck AGV to highly customized vehicles.

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