Software to Optimize Operations

Warehouse Management System software

Our software perfectly controls and manages your goods

We master the whole spectrum of software development, from the lowest level PLC controls under Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Material Flow Control (MFC) and Warehouse Management System (WMS), up to the integration with different ERPs for a full control and management of your operations.

Warehouse Management

Our Warehouse Management System software is based on standard modules which have been implemented in different operations worldwide, and it may be configured to best fit any customer’s specific operational requirements or different languages. It maximizes supply chain efficiency by automating key processes from goods receiving, storage and picking, to fulfilling outbound shipping orders. The software is based on Oracle or Microsoft SQL server databases and runs under Windows operating system. Different types of host systems and subsystems can be easily integrated with our WMS through various standard communication interfaces or by means of customized protocols. Besides automated storage and handling systems our WMS also supports manual warehouse operations which may be equipped with Pick-by-Voice, Pick-to-Light or RF data transmission technologies.

Material Flow Control

Our Material Flow Control integrates the automated equipment into one single and efficient transport system. The MFC receives, handles and executes the material transport orders from a Management System such as a WMS, an ERP or any other software. At the center of this software is a real time dynamic control of decisions that defines destinations, optimizes transport routes and creates alternative paths in order to maximize the overall throughput of goods with the highest availability and minimum energy consumption.


Our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software is a powerful supervision, visualization and control tool that monitors in real-time the position and status of each piece of automated equipment and goods handled at your warehousing and distribution facilities. An animated on-screen graphic display provides a dynamic real time visualization of the automated intralogistics systems and presents up-to-date operational information such as goods’ location within the system, statistical data, maintenance related actions, error indication and troubleshooting... It features zoom functionality – from general areas down to individual transport elements – and allows the integration of supervision cameras to speed up error identification and diagnostics. System information can be presented in different locations and using different methods: from graphic displaying in a local central console or different scattered consoles, up to smartphone or via email messages.