Order Fulfillment

Automated order fufilment

An optimized operation of your distribution center

Processing customer orders quickly and accurately has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and determines the success of your business. Order picking, also known as order fulfillment, plays a vital role in the operation of a distribution center. Selecting the best order picking solution for your business depends on the characteristics of your operation and products, so that each product is picked via the most suitable method. We have broad experience in designing and implementing automatic order fulfillment systems under many different configurations, such as item, case and pallet picking. Compared to conventional order picking the automated systems offer increased productivity, improved process accuracy and optimal space utilization.

Our company is a leading supplier of integrated intralogistics solutions for the automation of distribution centers. We have solutions to manage the entire materials and information flow, from goods receiving, storage, order picking, up to staging and shipping. Our automated logistics systems may include automated storage, such as pallet high bay warehouses or miniload systems for small parts warehouses, conveyor and AGV systems for internal transport, picking and sorting systems, as well as Material Flow Control (MFC) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

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