Automated Handling Systems

Consoveyo's Automated Handling System

A smooth, fast and effective handling of your material flow

Consoveyo has an extensive range of automated material handling systems, allowing for an efficient material flow to be implemented in a distribution, warehousing or manufacturing process. Whether you are handling carton boxes, plastic totes, trays, pallets, reels, profiles or heavier loads, we have the appropriate solution to meet the specific requirements of every application.

All major functions of an automated handling system, namely transport, picking, tracking and sorting of goods are covered by our own product portfolio including conveyors, lifters, shuttle cars, rail guided vehicles, overhead monorails, automated guided vehicles, among others. These have been tested over the years in many different applications, featuring maximum throughput, high availability and flexibility, as well as a safe and quiet operation.

We are able to deliver turnkey solutions that offer optimum performance, including our own equipment and controls, as well as to integrate products from third parties, such as check-weighing stations, robots, wrapping and strapping machines, among others.

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