Stacker Cranes

Fully control the storage of your goods

Stacker Cranes are automated machines that perform the storage and retrieval of goods while working within the racking system. We design our Stacker Cranes to allow full control of your warehouse activities ensuring error-free, smooth, fast and safe storage and retrieval operations. Our own portfolio is developed to meet the market´s latest requirements for flexibility, energy efficiency, reliability and performance.

By specifically selecting their design characteristics, we ensure that our extensive range of Stacker Cranes can operate with diverse loads, from 1kg to 10 000kg, arranged in single or multiple deep storage configurations. They may reach up to 50m high storage locations and achieve speeds up to 6m/s.

This equipment can also be designed to operate in special working conditions, such as freezing, high humidity and clean or harsh environments.

Main configurable characteristics:

  • Storage configuration: single, double or multiple deep;
  • System configuration: one/several stacker cranes per aisle or aisle switching curving stacker cranes;
  • Type of handled load units: pallets, containers, totes, cartons, frames…;
  • Number of load handling devices;
  • Load capacity: total weight; Stacker crane type: single or double mast;
  • Maximum operating height;
  • Stacker crane performance;
  • Working conditions.

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