Consoveyo's Rail Guided Vehicle System

Connect very distant points in a smooth, fast and efficient way

The Rail Guided Vehicle System is based on intelligent, high-speed and floored rail guided vehicles fitted for a wide range of load handling applications. This technology is an efficient, cost-effective and fast option for complex sorting applications or connecting very distant points. It is also an interesting alternative to long conveyor lines when the load handling units are not standardized.

Our system is formed by the Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs) and their floor-fixed track rail (including running rails, rail switching devices, lifts and maintenance areas, among others). In addition, we may provide specific elements (i.e. fences, access controls or light barriers) that are required to ensure a completely safe working environment for operators.

No matter how complex the transport route, thanks to our modular and flexible design, smooth and constant transportation is always guaranteed. Redundancy is also a key factor of this handling solution, as all RGVs within the system are interchangeable.

Main configurable characteristics:

  • RGV system performance;
  • Type of handled load units: pallets, containers, totes, cartons, frames…;
  • Number and type of load handling devices;
  • Load capacity: total weight;
  • Working conditions.

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