Conveyors - Unit Loads

Unit load conveyor systems of consoveyo

An Automated Handling System that improves your productivity

In the range of unit loads, where palletized loads or containers are most commonly found, we have developed an extensive range of equipment such as, among others:

  • Motorized roller conveyors;
  • Multi-track chain conveyors;
  • Orthogonal transfer tables; Turning tables;
  • Pivoting tables; Lifting tables;
  • Drop-off points for ground level handling equipment;
  • Gravity conveyors.

Within the unit load range, we provide an additional extensive range of auxiliary equipment to complete your conveying solution:

  • Shuttle cars: double or single and with different handling units;
  • Self-supported elevators;
  • Auto-lifters;
  • Empty pallet dispensers;
  • Pallet Stackers;
  • Pallet quality control stations;
  • Load control, identification and labelling stations;
  • Truck loading/unloading systems.