Conveyors - Light Loads

Light load automated solution Sonae Azambuja Consoveyo

A quick, accurate and efficient Handling System for your products

Our product portfolio for light loads includes several equipment which allows the transportation and sorting of different goods (cartons, totes, packages, trays…):

  • Drive roller conveyors;
  • Motorized belt/roller straight conveyors and curves;
  • Multi-track timing belt conveyors;
  • Zero pressure articulated belt conveyors;
  • Horizontal divert/merge elements (e.g. pop-ups, pushers, deflectors, transfer tables, articulated roller belt transfer tables…);
  • Vertical divert/merge elements;
  • Self-supported elevators;
  • Gravity conveyors;
  • Truck loading/unloading extendable conveyors.