Automated Guided Vehicle

Optimize your internal transport and storage

AGVs are Automated Guided Vehicles that allow a safe and completely automatic handling of goods, as they do not require a human operator.

No matter your needs, we have an AGV solution specifically designed for you.

For many years we have developed our own extensive line of AGVs, ranging from the standard single pallet fork lift truck AGV to highly customized vehicles suited to specific customer applications. AGVs are designed for extreme situations such as those found in clean room environments, outdoor applications or deep-freeze warehousing.

These vehicles can be deployed in different configurations such as reach truck, fork-over counterbalanced forklift, very narrow aisle (VNA), with conveyor bed, among others. Depending on the load type, size, weight and reach height of the application, different load handling devices can be used such as fixed/adjustable forks, telescopic forks, conveyors, satellites, tri-lateral heads, and push-pull or clamp devices. Autonomous navigation is achieved by means of laser reflection, sensors for natural navigation, inductive wire, magnetic strip/spots or a combination of these, according to the application’s requirements. Different alternatives for battery charging are available, from manual replacement, charge by opportunity up to fully automatic battery exchange stations. 

Main configurable characteristics:

  • AGV operating areas: warehousing, production, reception, dispatch…;
  • AGV system performance;
  • Type of handled load units: pallets, containers, totes, cartons, frames…;
  • Number and type of load handling devices;
  • Load capacity: total weight;
  • Charging concept;
  • Navigation mode;
  • Working conditions.

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