Product Solutions

Automated Product Solutions

State-of-the-art automated equipment developed by us

Our in-house engineers are product design and automation experts in mechanical, electrical and control technology. They are in charge of developing our own product portfolio to be integrated in any automated material handling or storage system.

Our team controls every step of the process to guarantee optimal functionality and performance. Factory tests are made before shipping to ensure product reliability, verify technical operation, test paths and load stability, as well as check software integration. All products are built in accordance with safety standards and guidelines, and to provide easy handling and access to parts for maintenance, as well as optimized energy consumption and low noise level.

As a product supplier, our vast experience has enabled us to enhance our portfolio by successfully designing equipment using cutting-edge technology: stacker cranes, miniloads, shuttles, automated guided vehicles, rail guided vehicles, overhead monorail vehicles, conveyors, among others. All these products are entirely designed and assembled within our company, giving us an unsurpassed understanding of the core technologies. By constantly investing in specialized product design, we are able to assure flexibility, modularity and customization. No matter the load to be carried, container type, size or weight, we have the appropriate product to meet every customer´s specific requirements.

Our products cover a wide range of loads divided in three main categories: Light Loads, Unit Loads and Heavy/ Oversized Loads. 

Range of products:

Stacker Cranes