Consoveyo provides a new deep freeze automated high bay for the dutch 3PL Coldservice

The warehouse will complement the existing storage facilities, and Consoveyo stepped in with a solution to densely store the frozen products within a simple system which focuses on maximizing the amount of stored product per energy spent on refrigerating while considering the site’s future growth requirements.

Consoveyo has currently finalized the construction, in Veghel, The Netherlands, of an Automated System for Storage and Handling of frozen finished food for Coldservice, a young company that offers complete services for cooling, freezing, tempering, packaging and storing temperature sensitive products. Consoveyo is setting up this completely new high-bay warehouse and Costo - Consoveyo’s representative and partner in the Netherlands – is taking care of the project coordination.

Maickel Versantvoort, Managing Director at Coldservice, says: "After building years of experience elsewhere, I started, together with some partners Coldservice in 2013. We focus on frozen/cooled products. As we aim for the highest levels of flexibility we saw our first 16,000 pallet locations filling up within 4 weeks. Currently we have 38,000 pallet locations available, but that is not enough. The new high-bay warehouse will provide another 12,000 pallet locations and it will be the first step towards the complete automation of our different sites. With the help of Consoveyo we could perceive the huge advantages of the automation being used in this kind of operation, in particular by reducing initial investment, namely in the building, compared with more traditional manual or semi-automated solutions, by decreasing the energy consumption and by directing the operational team to more noble tasks avoiding the work at very low temperatures."

Building a highly compact storage

Consoveyo proposed a multiple-depth storage solution using a freestanding racking system within a high-bay warehouse, minimizing the empty space which would represent a large amount of wasted energy. Using two 22m-high stacker cranes which store the goods up to 8 pallets deep into the rack using satellite vehicles, the system ensures that expedition orders are always prepared on time.

Additionally, the system has a connection with the adjacent building so the stacker cranes are able to distribute pallets that may be needed in other areas within the site. Safety is also a priority in this site – all automatic equipment is isolated from the general working area by fencing with access-controlled gates. All openings for conveyors are safeguarded with light barriers which make sure no non-authorized person can be in danger at any time.

“We will provide a fully automated system where Coldservice will benefit from speed and higher capacity, being able to process 120 pallets per hour, which is twice as much as today. This concept has already proved to be the right decision taken by the customer," explain Jorge Couto, CSO of Consoveyo.

Coldservice will adopt a new WMS and this system will be connected to the Consoveyo WCS, which is controlling the whole warehouse system providing specific functionalities to store the goods with different criteria according to the several Coldservice customer’s requirements and to sequence and prepare truck loads during the night providing the on-time delivery on the next day morning. The high-bay warehouse will function 24 hours a day.