Consoveyo launches third project with leading Indonesian dairy player

Consoveyo Singapore Pte Ltd has announced its third consecutive project with a leading dairy goods producer in Indonesia.

For this Phase Three project, located at the manufacturer’s Surabaya plant, Consoveyo has expanded its automated and storage retrieval system (ASRS) solution to enable the transportation of finished goods from production lines to the warehouse.

This contract win is a testimony to our excellent customer service and expertise in automated warehousing solutions,” Poul Lorentzen, the company’s general manager, said, adding, “We set up this plant’s first automated warehouse, and then helped to expand the warehouse by doubling its capacity. Having been chosen for the third time is an affirmation of our position as one of the leading suppliers of automated warehousing solutions for the food and beverage industry.”

In order to ensure an optimum flow of finished goods from the new production line to the ASRS warehouse, Consoveyo installed pallet conveyors, two pallet shuttle cars, and one automated wrapping machine.

The equipment eliminates the need for manual handling of goods for transportation, and increases production throughput.

Furthermore, its warehouse management software (WMS) enables more than the management of inventory storage — it also greatly minimises supply chain disruptions that can shut or slow down production lines. In addition, the software’s real-time visibility function helps to notify the company’s managers in real-time of problems that may disrupt the flow of goods.

Consoveyo’s system will also provide warehouse managers with useful information, such as historical data of pallet movement and specific locations of inventory stored in the warehouse. And in order to extend its service commitment to the customer, it will continue to provide after sales support and on-going refresher training courses.

Lorentzen said, “We are glad that our warehousing technologies and solutions helped increase this dairy customer’s throughput and output beyond their expectations. Consoveyo’s solutions are developed with customers’ needs in mind, and are tailored to their exact requirements. We will continue to help manufacturers find the very best solutions, and be there with them through every phase, stage and component of their journey to achieving a seamless, automated warehouse.”