Consoveyo announces its new partnership with a leading chemical specialties producer to provide intralogistics in their expanding facility. The project includes material flow planning and a logistics concept, as well as a highly customized explosion-proof automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) solutions to service the new warehouse.

The chemical specialties developer’s expansion plans called for new capabilities to store more raw materials, finished goods and work-in-progress (WIP) materials that are undergoing curing and settling processes. The company was also looking to achieve higher throughput capacity, redundancy in its automated flow lines, and a larger storage volume within a relatively small footprint.


About the project

To cater to the chemical company’s needs, Consoveyo will deliver a 42-metre-high ASRS high-bay warehouse comprising four sets of double-deep stacker cranes, aisle racking and Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs), as well as high speed doors, conveyors and a full suite of warehouse management software in this turnkey project. Together, Consoveyo’s proposed system offers the user a total of 10,240 pallet locations that is seamlessly connected, yet safely controlled and separated, from production to storage areas.

Making use of a nitrogen-enriched inerting system and 12 sets of high-speed shutter doors, Consoveyo designed a warehouse that allows its customer to safely host WIP materials while preventing safety hazards such as contamination, combustion and spoilage. In addition, to ensure the sustainability of the warehouse, all equipments are fitted with power regenerative features.

Jorge Couto, Chief Sales Officer at Consoveyo, highlighted, “This project is a significant addition to our growing list of references in Southeast Asia. As Intralogistics solutions providers for the chemical industry we have to meet high demands and strict requirements, as chemical specialties require special care in handling, transporting and storing. This partnership showcases Consoveyo’s expertise in designing customised, first-in-class automated warehousing solutions, and demonstrates our ability to support different clients in various industries.”