Consoveyo develops a breakthrough automated solution for consumer goods in Spain

Luis Simões, the biggest Iberian logistic operator, chose Consoveyo to build their completely new fully automated distribution center.



Located in Guadalajara, close to Madrid, the new distribution center will support mainly distribution operations of Luis Simões important customers in the Iberian peninsula. For Consoveyo this project is one of the biggest orders the company ever received. The contract was formally signed in March 2018, and the distribution center is expected to start operation during the first quarter of 2020.

Consoveyo and Luis Simões have been building a steady, trustworthy relationship, since the first project developed together in 2008, for one of the biggest automated distribution centers in Portugal at the time.

We chose Consoveyo because of several references and proven experience in similar projects all over the world. We were also convinced by the unique, innovative warehousing concept, the proven quality and robustness of Consoveyo’s equipment and WMS solutions, both fully developed in-house” explained Mr. António Fernandes, Project Manager from Luis Simões.

Consoveyo will provide a turnkey automated warehousing solution, with a disruptive design and featuring the most modern automated equipment and software. This solution will play a crucial role in the optimization of the distribution center operation which a well-regarded customer intends to use as a showcase for future investments in warehouse automation.

The distribution center will have a total capacity of 86,500 pallet locations (75,500 locations for ambient temperature goods and 11,000 locations for refrigerated goods) and 1,800 picking positions in the automated area plus 90,000 pallet locations in the manual area. The system will be able to manage a peak flow of 540 pallets in plus 440 pallets out simultaneously.


It’s an unique concept in line with Industry 4.0 trends

The picking warehouse will be equipped with 10 overhead stacker cranes, suspended on the top of the racking. This innovative design allows free circulation of people, forklifts, AGVs and conveyors on the ground level, combining storage,picking, co-packing and e-Commerce operations within the same area and allowing a much faster picking process as well as a much more compact and dense storage.

Furthermore, Consoveyo will also be responsible for all maintenance operations during the first 10-years after start of operation.


About Luís Simões

Luis Simões is the biggest Iberian Logistic Operator. With 69 years in the market, the company is responsible for Transport, Logistics and supporting service solutions. Luís Simões has a network across the Iberian Peninsula of operations centers, with a presence in the main regions of the peninsula. Transport and logistics together represent about 90% of turnover and they are considered the core business of Luís Simões. Supplementary activities have seen sustained growth, fitting the strategy of diversification outlined at the end of the 1980's.