Consoveyo and Costo together at Logistica Utrecht

From November 28th to 30th,Costo Transport- en Opslagtechniek and Consoveyo joined forces during Logistica exhibition in Utrecht, Netherlands.

With a common booth, visitors have had the opportunity to get to know both companies’ best automated solutions. During three exhibitions days our customers were also invited to join us to our special thematic afternoons where they tasted Dutch delicacies and Portuguese Port wine. With this combination of knowledge, solutions and applications in one space, the exhibition generated relevant leads for Costo and Consoveyo.

“Visitors are looking for a wide range of innovations, sample projects and market leaders. Costo and Consoveyo together have a strong experience in designing, producing and delivering automated solutions for transportation and storage. Customers can always expect tailor made projects. This exhibition is equally important for both companies, business partners, to consolidate our know-how creating business opportunities and to strengthen our commitment with customers and suppliers in this key area" added Jorge Couto, Chief Sales Officer of Consoveyo.

Logistica attracts almost 20,000 visitors every year. And it is characterized by its positive atmosphere among visitors and exhibitors.