AB InBev relies on Consoveyo expertise

Consoveyo will double AB InBev warehouse performance capabilities

AB InBev´s Magor Brewery has chosen Consoveyo to maximize its storage density in the already-existing finished goods warehouse. Consoveyo will automate the brewery’s main warehouse while maintaining its accessibility from existing production lines and other warehouses, both on-site and off. The building’s 5.800 m2 available space will now be occupied by a free standing racking system fully equipped with stacker cranes and a supporting conveyor system.

The multiple-depth storage solution using satellite vehicles will allow AB InBev to maximize storage capacity in both surface area and height. By being fully integrated with their management software, no changes need to be made to the existing production processes. The automated system guarantees that all orders are ready on time and at the correct location with minimal human effort.

“Automatizing the site’s warehouses is a big step towards increasing density of storage and efficiency of the products distribution and reducing significantly the operation costs. This project will automate the brewery’s main warehouse having as drivers in the design, the reliabilty, the redundancy and the scalability of the proposed solution. This project also showcases Consoveyo’s capabilities in tailoring our first-in-class automated warehousing solutions with the opportunity to grow in the UK region.” explains Jorge Couto, Chief Sales Officer of Consoveyo.

A glance at AB InBev project

In order to perform the required specifications and maintain the work methods already implemented on site, the system is designed to be able to handle all pallets in pairs. This includes three stacker cranes and corresponding satellite vehicles, a shuttle car and a conveyor system connecting the automated system to the production lines, other manual warehouses, expedition gravity lanes being all the infeed and outputfeed points prepared to interface with double-forked forklift trucks. Consoveyo will act as Principal Contractor during the project execution ensuring the construction of a complex system with very high throughputs and functional requirements in an extremely demanding time line.