From 1984 towards the intralogistics future

The international technology group Körber completed the acquisition of Consoveyo (formerly known as Efacec Handling Solutions) with effect on September 17th, 2015 following approval from the respective antitrust authorities. With the acquisition of this Portuguese intralogistics company, Körber is proceeding with the internationalization of its Business Area Logistics Systems.

Consoveyo is a strong brand name that embodies movement, dynamics and vitality. It also reveals our company’s engineering expertise while reflecting our business area, our strengths and our global presence.

Alluding to the words ‘aconselhar’ (for consulting), ‘consenso’ (for consent) and ‘consolidar’ (for strengthening and reinforcing), it mirrors the Portuguese origins of our company, underlining our competencies and our know-how when it comes to working and designing perfect intralogistics systems for our customers. Our new name CONSOVEYO also refers to the English word ‘convey’ (for transporting products, communicating and advising). It also establishes a link to other brand names within our Business Area Körber Logistics Systems – especially with inconso GmbH to show the coherence and the team spirit within the Körber Group.

Prior to the acquisition, Consoveyo belonged to the Efacec Group, the largest Portuguese corporation in the field of electromechanics and electronics, with a strong presence in different international markets.

Major historical facts:


The Automação e Robótica department was created within Efacec. The new automation activity was born within the passenger lift division.


First project done within the Efacec Group.


Efacec Automação e Robótica, S.A. was set up as an independent company in order to address the growing business.


Efacec Singapore Pte Ltd. was founded as a subsidiary in order to support the increasing activity in Southeast Asia.


Godrej-Efacec Automation and Robotics, S.A. was created as a joint venture with our Indian partners Godrej to address the increasing demand of the Indian market.


Efacec Engenharia e Sistemas, S.A. was established by merging several companies within the group, one of which being Efacec Automação e Robótica, S.A., in order to address relevant public projects in Europe and mainly in the USA and South America.


Efacec Handling Solutions, S.A. was carved out from Efacec Engenharia e Sistemas, S.A. in order to enhance positioning as a worldwide leading supplier of automated material handling and storage systems.


Acquisition of Efacec Handling Solutions, S.A. by the international technology group Körber, proceeding the internationalization of its Business Area Logistics Systems.


Following the acquisition process by the international technology Group Körber, Efacec Handling Solutions, S.A., changes the company name to Consoveyo, S.A.