Our Company

Consoveyo is a global leading expert for automated material handling and storage systems

Our company is the right business partner to design, plan and build automated systems as well as to supply innovative and reliable equipment.

As a system integrator we design and build turnkey solutions for our customers’ intralogistics applications such as automated storage, handling, internal transport, picking and order fulfillment. As a product supplier, we provide an extensive range of products from our own portfolio according to customer requirements. As a service provider, we bring our customers life cycle services along with comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective solutions designed to fulfill the material flow’s specific requirements.

Our company has a solid background with more than 30 years of experience and hundreds of projects completed successfully at major companies all over the world. We offer a wide range of automated intralogistics solutions that can be found in different industries such as food, beverage, paper, chemical, parts and components, pharmaceutical, automotive as well as third party logistics operators, retailers, documentation, among others.
Our worldwide presence, with offices in Porto, Madrid, Prague, Singapore and Mumbai, plus a vast network of partners across several countries, allow us to be a step closer to global customers and provide a high level of commercial follow up, technical advice and after sales service. On the basis of our past experience and know-how we are ready to successfully overcome the challenges of your automated material handling and storage requirements.  

Consoveyo is part of the Business Area Logistics Systems of the international technology group Körber.