Consoveyo Launches New Corporate Identity in SEA at ProPak Asia

Automated Material Handling & Storage Systems Expert Gears Up for Regional Market Expansion

From today till 17 June, Consoveyo a global leading expert for automated material handling and storage systems, will greet the industry with its new corporate identity at ProPak Asia.

This marks the company’s first exhibition in Southeast Asia (SEA) since the rebrand was announced last month. Since September 2015, Consoveyo has been part of the international technology group, Körber AG, and is under the Group’s Business Area Logistics Systems. All subsidiaries under Consoveyo in Europe and Asia has since been rebranded, and the company will continue to provide automated systems support to its customer base in the region.

At the trade event, Consoveyo will share more about its automated warehousing technologies with attendees, and these include the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), Conveyors, and Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs). A model of the ASRS solution will also be on display at the event, to help visitors in their understanding and visualization of Efacec’s warehousing technologies. As manufacturers in SEA continue to find ways to maximize their warehouse space, these space-saving and effective technologies can help to provide companies with greater storage volumes.

Jorge Couto, Chief Sales Officer at Consoveyo, shared, “With new beginnings, we are also looking to firm up our position in the market and to uncover expansion leads in this region. We’ve had 30 years of experience in providing automated material handling and storage systems solutions to manufacturers in the Food & Beverage, Packaging, and Pharmaceutical industries, and have since secured many references in these markets. Consoveyo is excited to reconnect with the industry, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with manufacturers in this region.”

To learn more about Consoveyo’s automated material handling solutions, visit Consoveyo’s Stand at BD35 from 14 – 16 June 2017.